Top 10 Best Compact Toasters Under $100 (Buying Guide)

Top 10 Best Compact Toasters Under $100 (Buying Guide)
Top 10 Best Compact Toasters Under $100 (Buying Guide)

Compact toasters are a must-have in practically every home, but they’re especially important in the kitchens of college students and those who have recently moved out. Cooking skills may not be up to the level of a culinary genius in these households, and counter space is more likely to be limited than in other households. Not to mention that appliances that are cost-effective are always welcomed.

Whatever your situation is, whether you’ve just moved in or have been using the same kitchen space for more than 20 years, having tiny toasters that function like a dream is a great complement to your home.

So, what factors go into making the best compact toaster? Among the best small and compact toasters are those that are economical, efficient, quick to use, and easy to clean. They are also small, so they don’t take up much counter space in your kitchen.

We’ve done extensive research into what makes a fantastic small and compact toaster and have identified the top 10 models available on the market.

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What is a Compact Toaster?

Compact toaster simply means that it occupies less space on the counter top or tabletop. Despite the fact that it has all of the features and bells and whistles seen in larger and fancier units, this device is designed to fit all of the necessary toasting parts into the smallest amount of space.

We focused on 2 slice toasters for this list because they are the smallest models available on the market.

Additionally, several manufacturers make compact 4 slice toasters, which take up slightly more space than a 2 slice model but far less space than a conventional 4 slice one, as you might expect.

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Top 10 Best Compact Toasters in 2022 (Cheapest Prices)

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Top 10 Best Compact Toasters Reviews

We research thousands of best two compact toasters then took the top products that will complete your needs and insight to tell you about the best toasters.

Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster (White)

Cuisinart’s Compact toaster gives the classic toaster a modern makeover. It may be placed sideways or forward to accommodate any kitchen counter and saves space. The broad slots, high-lift carriage, and bespoke controls offer even, precise, and convenient toasting every time, whether making thick bagel halves or thin sliced breads.


  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compact design with stainless steel accents
  • 7-setting shade dial
  • Reheat, defrost and bagel controls
  • 1-1/2-inch wide toasting slots
  • No LED display

Oster 2 Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster, Metallic Grey

With the Oster Jelly Bean 2-Piece Toaster, you can start your day with a delightfully crisp slice of toast. This 2-slice toaster can easily accommodate bagels, homemade bread, and more thanks to its two extra-wide slots. Its twin bread guides adjust automatically to fit various bread thicknesses, ensuring even toasting.

With only a push of a button, you can alter toast shade and cancel toasting on this Oster toaster, which has a user-friendly control panel and an intuitive dial. Toast is easily retrieved thanks to a high-rise lever. The removable crumb bin on this 2-slice toaster makes cleanup a breeze, and the anti-jamming feature helps prevent jams. It has a classic style that goes with almost any kitchen design. Both slots have a depth of 115 mm and a width of 30 mm.


  • Product Dimensions: 11.7 x 6.9 x 7.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Brand: Oster
  • Color: Metallic Gray
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Advanced toast technology
  • Extra-wide slots
  • 7 shade settings
  • Customizable toasting times
  • Analog functions

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector, Toast Boost, Auto Shutoff, Black (22633)

The bagel setting on the Hamilton Beach extra-wide slot toaster toasts the cut side while warming the round side. Toasting bread is only the beginning with the Hamilton Beach extra-wide slot toaster. Bagels, English muffins, and gourmet bread pieces fit perfectly in the extra-wide slots. You can toast the sliced side of the bagel while warming the outside with a special bagel setting.

The defrost button thaws then toasts frozen waffles or pancakes, giving them a warm, golden finish. The 2-Slice toaster is easy to use, featuring a toast boost feature that lifts breads for easy removal. Even if the toaster becomes jammed, the automated cutoff will turn it off at the end of its cycle.


  • Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 7.48 x 7.48 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Bagel & defrost settings
  • High-lift toast boost
  • Adjustable shade selector
  • No presets

REDMOND 2 Slice Toaster Retro Stainless Steel Toaster with Bagel and Extra Wide Slot and Removable Crumb Tray, Black, ST028

The key to good design is simplicity, and the REDMOND tiny stainless steel 2-Slice toaster boasts a throwback classic design with a sleek blue appearance. Simple controls include a color range of 1 to 6 for toasting and three functions for bagel, defrost, and cancel. Whether you’re making a sandwich or a cheese bagel, you can count on this dependable toaster to deliver a crisp and even result every time. The detachable crumb tray makes cleanup a breeze. There’s also a cord wrap storage area beneath the bottom.


  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.9 x 7.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.22 pounds
  • Brand: REDMOND
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel toaster
  • 6 setting shade selection
  • Multi toasting mode
  • ETL certified
  • Manual control system

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector, Toast Boost, Auto Shutoff, Red (22623)

Sleek and functional for a modern kitchen. Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toasters are well-known not just for their excellent toasting capabilities, but also for their attractive appearance in the kitchen. Wider slots and smart buttons make it easier to toast and warm bagels, English muffins, and other breads consistently, and improved toasting technology provides consistent results every time. These popular 2 Slice Toasters include toast boost and automatic shutdown for easy toasting, and the slide-out crumb tray makes cleanup a breeze.


  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.3 x 7.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.68 pounds
  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Color: Red 2-Slice
  • Material: Nonstick
  • Extra-wide slots
  • 2 slice toaster fit
  • Convenient toast shade selector
  • Auto shutoff
  • Not for big family

Cuisinart CPT-320P1 Compact Stainless 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless

Cuisinart’s 2-slice toaster gives the classic stainless steel toaster a modern makeover. It can be put sideways or facing forward to save space in any kitchen. The broad slots, high-lift carriage, and bespoke controls offer even, precise, and convenient toasting every time, whether making thick bagel halves or thin sliced breads.

Some thoughts on toasting Toasting is a process that involves both frying and drying the bread. As a result, changes in moisture levels between breads can result in different toasting periods.


  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Color: Brushed Stainless
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Compact design with stainless steel construction
  • 6-setting shade dial
  • Reheat, defrost and bagel controls
  • 1.5″ wide toasting slots
  • Analog old design

iSiLER 2 Slice Toaster, 1.3 Inches Wide Slot Toaster with 7 Shade Setting with Removable Crumb Tray, UL Certified, Defrost Reheat Cancel Function

The iSiLER 750W 2-slice toaster’s slots are made of safe edible 430 stainless steel, and the toaster’s body is made of PP, which prevents scorching. Three toasting modes with LED indications will meet all of your toasting requirements. Cancel the defrost and reheat functions. 7 various shade hues, ranging from light to dark, allow you to enjoy a variety of crispy and charred foods. The vibrant yellow color adds a pleasant, upbeat tone to the day.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 9.4 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.46 pounds
  • Brand: ISILER
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of settings: 7
  • 7 shade settings
  • Extra-wide slots: 5.4× 1.3 in
  • Defrost, Reheat, Cancel Function
  • Removable crumb tray
  • LED indicating buttons
  • Only in one color available

Toaster 2 Slice,Compact Bread Toasters with 6 Browning Settings & Stainless Steel Housing , Bagel Defrost Cancel Function Removable Crumb Tray, Blue

The turquoise blue color of this retro and small stainless steel 2 slice toaster is not only pleasing to the sight, but it also fits well in your kitchen, requiring less counter space. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and useful. Simple to use with EASY wisdom is demonstrated by the easy one-touch LED indicator button, easy reach high lift lever, easy clean removable crumb tray, and easy-collection cord storage.

To avoid burning fingers, an automatic pop-up appears. Basic Workflows with Cancel bagel thaw, 6 browning settings to suit your preferences, 2-slots 1.5″ wide suitable for thick bagels, timing and shade control


  • Product dimensions: 29 x 18 x 19 cm
  • Item weight: 1.5 kg
  • Brand: Keenstone
  • SKID: 02XC4P279PHC5
  • Model: 7539900229
  • Manufacturer: Keenstone
  • Color: Blue
  • 1.5 inch slot handle
  • ,6 different shade control
  • Convenient for removing smaller
  • Sliding Crumb Tray
  • Button and wheel system

2-Slice-Toasters Bread Stainless Steel Compact Toaster Extra-Wide-slots for Household Kitchen Breakfast

Toasted just the cut side of a bagel in the toaster; provide the ideal crisp to your morning. bagel using the bagel function on the push-button For toasting frozen meals all over, use the defrost setting. With a 1.5-inch wide slot, this 2-slice stainless steel toaster is suited for a variety of bread kinds, including thin waffles and thick gourmet bread.

The anti-overheat and rust-proof design of the food-grade stainless steel was unique. 2 slice stainless steel toaster for speedier toasting and cooling. Rust-resistant, two-slice toaster with crumb tray that’s easy to clean, strong, and long-lasting. The ideal complement to your contemporary kitchen.


  • Brand: IFedio
  • Color: SKY Blue-1
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of settings: 7
  • Number of Programs: 3
  • Package Dimensions: 12.68 x 8.43 x 7.95 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.14 pounds
  • Defrost, Bagel, Cancel function
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Extra-wide slots
  • 7 shade settings
  • Not modern design

Long Slot Toaster, 2 Slice Toaster Best Rated Prime with Warming Rack, 1.7” Extra Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toasters, Removable Crumb Tray, 1000W

Are you often rushing out the door for work in the morning and forgetting to eat breakfast? Your morning cravings are met with the LOFTER 2 slice toaster. Now is the time to add a toaster to your kitchen and prepare a delicious breakfast for your family. You may use this time to take a bath or heat a cup of milk for yourself while the energy-efficient toaster is toasting two slices of bread to a nice golden brown.


  • Package Dimensions: 16.57 x 8.15 x 6.26 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Brand: LOFTER
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of settings: 6
  • Number of Programs: 3
  • Build-in warming rack
  • 1.7″ extra wide slots
  • 6 browning settings
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Not dishwasher safe

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Compact Toasters (Buying Guide)?

Before we get into our list of the best compact toasters available on the market, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making your final decision on which to buy.


Because the primary objective of this review guide is to assess the majority of compact and small toasters, the overall dimensions of a toaster are an important feature to consider. Every toaster in our article comes with the specified dimensions, so you can see if it will fit on your countertop or if it will be portable enough for you to take with you when traveling.

What exactly qualifies as a “compact toasters”? While there is no universal size recommendation, a good rule of thumb is that the length should not be more than 13 inches long. In fact, the majority of the toasters listed in our guide are little longer than 12 inches in length.


If you intend to transfer your new toaster from one location to another on a regular basis, the weight of the appliance may be an important consideration. Always remember that the weight of kitchen appliances varies significantly.

Because kitchen appliances are not frequently moved, most people aren’t concerned about the weight of the gadgets, but for some, it may be a significant consideration to consider when purchasing a device.

Number of Settings

Once you’ve found the compact toasters that’s right for you, you might be disappointed to discover that it only has two settings, neither of which is optimal for your needs. Isn’t that a bummer?

Look for at least four different options (browning or shade levels). You will have more options and a greater likelihood that your new compact toasters will have a setting that is ideal for you if you do it this way.

Bread-slot Size

This is an important consideration since, while compact toasters may save you room, you will be unhappy if it only works with the smallest bread types. Because most compact toasters are designed to accommodate a wide range of bread kinds, you should double-check this before making your purchase just in case.


The majority of toasters are either entirely constructed of stainless steel and other metals, or they are constructed of a combination of plastic (cover – outside) and metal (interior). Double-check that none of these options are acceptable to you if you don’t like one of them.

To be sure, there are occasional exceptions to the rule, but in general, compact toasters manufactured entirely of metal tend to live longer. The best approach is to contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about something.

Customizable Time

A programmable time setting, or at the very least many pre-set programs, each with a specific time setting, is included with most compact toasters models.

What is the significance of this? Baking bagels takes a different amount of time than baking other types of pastries, for example. As a result, it makes logical to have the customizable time option available at all times.

Wattage & Voltage

For some, electricity may be a consideration worth taking into account. It’s important to note that most (if not all) brands include information about the wattage and voltage of their products, so make sure to double-check this particular component (even if you’re not concerned about it, it’s never a bad idea to double-check).

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Frequently Ask Questions

Can you put buttered bread in a compact toaster?

Avoid toasting buttered bread in a compact toaster because the butter may melt, burn, and perhaps start a fire as a result. Instead, use your toaster or the broiler setting on your toaster oven.

How long should a compact toasters last?

While toasters can be purchased at a variety of pricing points and with a variety of features, the typical lifespan of a compact toaster is between six and eight years. You may extend the life of your appliance by cleaning it on a regular basis to remove excess breadcrumbs and other food particles from the appliance’s interior.

Should I get a 2 or 4 slice toaster?

A four-slice toaster is preferable for households with multiple toasters or for those who toast on a regular basis. They’re heavier, which makes them more sturdy than two-slice toasters. They can also typically toast two slices at a time if you don’t require all four slots at the same time.

Are compact toasters worth it?

The simple compact toasters, as Joo points out, “just toasts bread…” The fact that it takes up a bit more room on your counter is worth it, according to Joo, since not only can you use it to make toast, but you can also toast bagels and cook pizzas in it, roast vegetables, bake sweet potatoes, and do a variety of other things with it.

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You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best compact toasters, whether you’re shopping online or in a store. Here are some suggestions: While some of the compact toasters that are currently available on the market come equipped with all of the bells and whistles that one would expect from a toaster, some are more appealing because of their lower price tags than others.

We must highlight that paying a greater price does not necessarily transfer into receiving a better product. This is why you must conduct thorough research and ensure that you read all of the fine print before purchasing a compact toasters set. Otherwise, you risk having an underperforming toaster that does not provide you with the precise texture and crispiness that you would expect from the best compact toasters on the market.

In the event that you are looking for the best compact toasters in town to ensure that every breakfast is excellent, the selections listed above should get you off to a good start.

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